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MT Sharing

Vaness Leung (2016)

Acting Area Manager

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - BBA in Marketing)

After being MT of the UMH Group for 1 year, I have gained lots of working experience and privileges, also many other values added on myself apart from simply works. Haven’t you seen our photos  on our MT website and the  MT Facebook page? Some of them are the company events, like gathering dinner of the whole beauty industry, cocktail parties, business trips …and so on. Those are just eye-opening activities  which also strengthened my social network.


In addition, I’m glad that I have met a group of like-minded MT comrades  here in UMH. We work in perfect harmony, and it is even a pleasure for us to spend the time after work with each other, like having Happy Hour after work, or just hanging out at weekend. When I’m stressed out , my fellow MTs are my best tree-hole providing me with pairs of ears, the comfort needed and even helpings me to figure out the solution. We  share the tears and sweats, and of course every mellow fruit of success,”, This is just rare and precious in workplace.


Many of my friends would ask me” Why are you so happy during your work? ” when they see my posts on the social media. There is no secret and just that I am enjoying workplace that full of opportunities, having smart Management who are love to be coach, and my harmonious colleagues

"If you would like to enjoy your work, come and join us!"