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MT Sharing

Kay Choi (2015)

Acting Area Manager

(Hang Seng Management College - Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Accounting))

UMH MT programme is like a family. We treat each other as if we are siblings. We care, love and support everyone in every situation. We are not only colleagues, but also real friends.


I remember when I first started in UMH, I felt clueless and bit lost  with the tasks dumped on me and always hesitated to ask for help. However,  senior MTs actively offered me help. It was just impressive and that made me believed in the spirit of the Group: working together and striving for the best. Getting touched by this spirit, I would like to pass it down to the MT in the following years.

" I hope everyone who would like to join UMH could engage in this family. Hope to see you all as part of us. "