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Karl Wong (2013)

Business Development Manager

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong - BA in Cultural and Religious Studies)

I have joined UMH for nearly three and a half years now. It is unbelievable how I have gone from a foolish fresh graduate, to a Business Development Manager of two shops in Hong Kong. I still remember three years ago, I got to rotate into different departments within the UMH group, such as the Medical department, Marketing department, Operations department, I.T department, and the Accounting department. Other than thanking the department heads' guidance throughout the program, I would give special thanks to the two MT mentors – Eddy (CEO) and Gabriel (COO). They continuously encouraged us and patiently taught us business and life skills, in order to develop my success today.

Honestly, being an MT in UMH group was not easy. There were a lot of ad-hoc work on top of departmental work to complete – we constantly had to multi-task. But it was these challenging times and high demand work which developed me into a manager of two shops. Previously, I have always thought that I was a fresh graduate, and would do things with a "trial and error" attitude. But in fact, the thought of 'trying' is incorrect, as it will grant me a mindset of "luck defines success", instead of "hard work defines success".  I still remember Gabriel (COO) told me never carry a mindset of "trying", because once you 'try', you are doomed to fail. Although a lot of situations I encountered were my first ever attempt, it is important to work wholeheartedly with all efforts, so to lead yourself onto the road to success.

Reflecting all the work I have done over these three years makes me feel proud and happy. All that I have contributed to the departments over the years, from brainstorming to implementing the ideas, is still used today by the company. When I was in school, my teacher always reminded us to leave a positive track for our future cohorts – I did not understand this point of view until working with UMH three years ago, and I hope to be able to continuously leave positive tracks in UMH.

"Take up the challenge we offer in UMH and create your future here!"