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Fiona Tam (2016)

Acting Area Manager

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - BBA in Marketing, and in Operations Management)

I've joined UMH's Management Trainee program only for a short period of time, but what I have gained in this company cannot be put into words. I will, however, use one word to summarize my experience here – responsibility.

MTs here get a lot of privileges, so much that a fresh graduate student will find it hard to believe. UMH will allow you to act as the Person in Charge in a lot of projects. From forming an idea to planning your project, from execution to human resource management, are all single-handedly organized by you. The CEO and COOs directly mentor us. They act as project consultants, where you can turn to them whenever you encounter any difficulties. Sometimes, they are like your family, who cares and looks after you. Even if the result of your assignment is not satisfactory, their only expectation is for you to learn from the experience and perform better next time.

Because of the independency and autonomy of the MT program, I have learned how to be a responsible person. This philosophy isn't only towards your mentor, but also your commitment to the company, as well as the integrity and confidence you gain. You as a fresh graduate can gain experiences and knowledge from any other companies, but with UMH, personal growth is the essence.

"With UMH, not only will you gain experiences, personal growth is also the essence."